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Why choose Day/Night formula?
One toothpaste cannot ensure all the functions responsible for a white and healthy teeth. For this reason, with the help of professionals and extensive testing, we’ve developed the Day/Night formula. Perfectly balanced, it differs from conventional toothpastes in its balanced composition, offering much more than regular toothpaste can provide.
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Day/Night formula
This formula consists of two different toothpastes for morning and evening. Day/Night formula ensures balanced dental care and optimised whitening that any conventional toothpaste formula simply can’t provide.
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An exclusive product
Our formula.
It took us over a year to develop the Day and Night toothpaste formula. We reviewed over 100 labs. Consulted the best oral care experts. Hired the most reputable chemists. Having found that one toothpaste simply can’t provide all the active ingredients necessary for teeth that are both white and healthy, we created this exceptional Day/Night formula.
What regular
toothpaste can't do.
The mixture of hydroxyapatite and xylitol in the formula effectively whitens by covering rough spots and micro-cracks on the surface of the tooth while enriching the enamel with the necessary minerals. In a perfectly-balanced combination of daily dental care substances, this formula ensures a white, healthy smile.
Inga Vyšniauskienė. Neodenta Smile Lab.
How does it work?
KokoSmile Day/Night Formula
During the day
Reduces tooth sensitivity
Bioactive natural ingredients reduce sensitivity, soothe and protect gums and sensitive teeth from damage.
Protects from caries
Xylitol fills tooth enamel with minerals that prevent the formation of caries and eliminate infectious agents.
Provides shine
Special formula of hydroxyapatite and xylitol smoothens the enamel roughness and replenishes the enamel with the necessary minerals, providing a sleek, shiny surface.
At night
Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles penetrate the enamel to whiten your teeth. Activated carbon removes old plaque and toxins.
Sealing effect
Liquid enamel-hydroxyapatite nanoparticles smooth out rough spots and fill tiny spaces on the enamel surface.
Eliminates bad breath
Activated charcoal absorbs bacteria and toxins and neutralizes bad breath. Natural bioactive ingredients provide a lasting antibacterial effect.
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KokoSmile Day/Night 2x75 ml tubes.

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High-quality at an affordable price
How we're doing It?
Most brands go through four suppliers before selling you a toothpaste. That adds cost at every step. But our company is disrupting this supply chain: high quality products directly to you at a fair price.
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